Project Description

Work in progress – seaweed farming

As climate change wreaks havoc on ecosystems across the planet, there is a growing appreciation for the part seaweed can play as a potential climate change solution. It can be used for a wide range of products from food to packaging and clothing to biofuel.

The farming of seaweed is still in its infancy around the coast of the United Kingdom and there are many processes to perfect at scale. For example certain methods of transporting, drying and converting seaweed themselves emit CO2.

And yet it is a resource that needs no chemicals, no deforestation and benefits sea life as well as capturing CO2 so the pursuit of sustainable seaweed farming is hugely important.

This project, still in its early stages, seeks to highlight those farming seaweed in the UK and those using seaweed to replace less sustainable products in a range of industries.

A huge thank you to Kelp Crofting who are leading the way in Scotland and have been so generous in granting me access to their world.

If anyone reading this is working, or experimenting, with farmed seaweed do please get in touch.